McKenna Kahanek

Connor McCanless

Kailyn Blanton

Gateway has access to personal resources that’s helped me to apply for colleges.
— Connor McCanless, 12th grade
My spouse and I believe that Gateway is an example of a school that is doing everything right. We feel so fortunate to be part of the Gateway family.
— Gator Club Member/Parent
We have had a wonderful experience and feel like we are home. Thank you for making this the right place for us.
— Gator Club Member / Parent
I love being the Gateway mascot.
It provides me the opportunity to put myself out there.
— Kailyn Blanton, 8th grade
This school is amazing! It’s a hidden gem! Trust me...The teachers and administration at Gateway really do care and everyone is there because they want to be.
— Gator Club Member/Parent
..Our kids came to my wife and I and said that this is by far their favorite school they have ever attended. I know I see a difference in what they are learning and how they are learning it. I definitely see a fire burning in them.
— Gator Club Member / Parent